Should you do it yourself or outsource it?

FoxPro Migration or Conversion: Part 5

In this incredible Digital Age, when it is possible to ask anything of the Search Engines and get a response delivered in milliseconds, it’s easy to think that you can do everything yourself (including Visual Foxpro Migration) with the help of some ‘expert’ forums and YouTube video tutorials.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy…

On our website, we mention the example of an individual running a marathon; Some people just pull on their running shoes and head out the door, hoping that they won’t injure themselves and that they’ll be able to improve their fitness and endurance over time so that they can successfully compete. This is achievable, but comes with a number of risks – what if your running style aggravates a pre-existing injury? What if your fitness is improving but not fast enough to meet the deadline of the looming marathon?

What if your running style isn’t as efficient as it could be, and you’re wasting time and energy when you needn’t be?

The smart runner consults experts to help them prepare for the marathon and make it more likely that they will successfully complete the entire process; a personal trainer could help you develop a personalised training plan based on your current fitness levels, a physiotherapist could help you tackle pre-existing injuries and reduce the risk of future problems occurring, a nutritionist could help you ensure that your diet and energy levels are perfect for the task at hand, and a running club could help you improve your technique… the lived, professional experiences of others can help you to work more efficiently and successfully, and the same is true when it comes to software development, particularly Visual Foxpro Migration projects.

If you want to reach your target in the quickest possible time (compared to the long and drawn out process that you may be forced to endure if an inexperienced developer is at the helm of the conversion/migration), with the fewest potential obstacles along the way, it really is worth investing in the knowledge and experience of a trusted professional for business peace of mind. ‘Doing it yourself’ using automated code conversion tools that promise the earth may seem like a cheap alternative, but you are only adding greater risk to a process of upheaval and change that is already going to cause some minor disruptions to your business (though a good developer would do everything to ensure that these potential disruptions are as minimal as possible).

If you’re not a mechanic, you probably wouldn’t consider fixing the family car; if you’re not a Doctor, it’s likely that minor surgery wouldn’t be something you’d be ready to do after a couple of short video tutorials…

Visual foxpro conversion

Trust an expert

Trust an expert and reduce the risk of potential issues arising from the migration/conversion process – we’re sure you won’t regret having the stress and pressure taken off of your hands and placed into the knowledgeable and experienced hands of professional developers with extensive experience of both FoxPro and web technologies.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your individual needs and circumstances – we would be more than happy to provide some initial guidance or fill in the form below for some sensible advice on the subject.

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Andy Henson specialises in practical, yet creative, business solutions. Drawing on his experience, he couples the latest in technological thinking with a sound knowledge of business.