FoxPro Consultant

FoxPro Consultant

Visual FoxPro user? You need the support of a knowledgeable and trusted FoxPro Consultant in 2020 (and possibly beyond!)

If your business is relying on a Visual FoxPro application, the likelihood is that you know change is an absolute necessity in the coming months and years.  You are probably already reviewing your options for conversion/migration to ensure that your business won’t be affected by the software’s ‘end of life’.

There isn’t a single solution or software alternative out there that will work for everyone as a replacement for Visual FoxPro – the options vary significantly depending on your unique business requirements and budget.  This is why speaking to a FoxPro Consultant to carefully outline and evaluate all of your options is so important.

If you need help considering your options and coming up with a plan to meet your specific business needs, get in touch. We have been helping our clients with these issues for the last few years and have developed a service called FoxTrails to help.

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Andy Henson specialises in practical, yet creative, business solutions. Drawing on his experience, he couples the latest in technological thinking with a sound knowledge of business.